How to Create Countdown Timers in Mailchimp

Today we’re going to walk through how easy it is include an email countdown timer within a Mailchimp campaign.  Mailchimp is a popular email sending and template editing platform that many of our customers use.  Adding an animated email countdown timer to your Mailchimp templates is seamless, and a great way to enhance your email campaigns with dynamic content.  Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Email Countdown Timers

So you want to enhance your email campaign with an animated countdown timer to create urgency for your customers?  Read on!  Email countdown timers are an extremely easy, yet powerful tool that you can utilize in your email marketing campaigns.  Today I’m going to walk through email countdown timers, and show you how to use them to spruce up your next email blast.  Oh, and did I mention you can do it all for free and in only a couple of minutes using our generator here on Sendtric?

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